A Pet Calming Bed For Your Cat too!

Cat in a high quality pet calming bed

Judy’s Cat loves this pet calming bed as much as Roxy!

As you know, I recently posted my review of this Dog Calming Bed that I received as a gift from DogPetSmart.com. And I told you how this bed is so luxurious and high quality. Plus you saw how much Roxy loves it and how it calmed her down immediately after playing rough with the bed. But I didn’t mention that this pet calming bed is a great cat bed for the felines in your life too! Please see my affiliate disclosure at the end of this post.

Since this cosy bed arrived, I have kept it on the floor in my living room for Roxy and any of my visiting clients’ dogs to use whenever they want to. And right from that first day, my cat basically decided it was her bed too!

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