Customized Cooked Dog Food: Cola’s Kitchen

A happy dog that eats both raw and Customized cooked dog  food!

By now you have likely read my four part series on dog nutrition in which I explained why processed pet food is unhealthy for your dog. And I advised you why raw diets are the most nutritious sustenance for dogs, while the next best meals would be fresh cooked ones. So now I have discovered a customized cooked dog food that’s delivered to your door if you live in Toronto! And it is coming soon across Canada!

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Cola’s Kitchen custom made freshly cooked dog food!

One day while doing my regular check-in on Instagram, I noticed that somebody had liked most of my posts from the prior two weeks within a period of only a few minutes. And even though my posts might be engaging (LOL!), this was unusual for one Instagram account to like so many posts at once. So I concluded that this response was a bot, or someone was really trying to get my attention!

I immediately messaged this account on Instagram and discovered that it was a premium, highly ethical freshly cooked dog food company! And their brand name is Cola’s Kitchen, named after their Dachshund, Cola.

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Buying non-processed dog food – Dog Nutrition Part III

In this blog, you will learn how to buy non-processed dog food! I’ll answer the following questions: Where do you buy these raw foods? How do you decide which type and how much? How do you introduce raw food to your pet? What are the cost comparisons? Are there any risks to feeding raw?

So far in my previous two blogs in the series, you learned about why processed dog food is unhealthy and then, what are the non-processed alternative dog food options?

Where to begin buying non-processed raw dog food to ensure proper nutrition?

Karen Schiavone founded and has operated Barkside Bistro in Toronto for a number of years. I have been purchasing high-quality frozen commercial raw dog food from her at Barkside since 2014. On Karen’s website, she indicates that her mission is to “strive to offer products that have been carefully selected, with consciousness towards environmental sustainability, and ethically responsible decisions.”

So I trusted that the brands from Barkside Bistro were sourced from companies that Ms. Shiavone personally vetted to be ethical, both environmentally and in their farming practices. And what I learned from Ms. Schiavone, is that a dog’s full nutritional requirements are obtained through 90% meat and organ content, with 10% bone content per meal. When you search online, you can see that most commercial raw dog food products contain this ratio.

Ms. Schiavone also obtains a health history for all new clients’ dogs, so that she can recommend the appropriate commercial raw food for the given dog’s health. Based on the dog’s medical and dietary needs, she also discusses possible supplements.

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