Customized Cooked Dog Food: Cola’s Kitchen

A happy dog that eats both raw and Customized cooked dog  food!

By now you have likely read my four part series on dog nutrition in which I explained why processed pet food is unhealthy for your dog. And I advised you why raw diets are the most nutritious sustenance for dogs, while the next best meals would be fresh cooked ones. So now I have discovered a customized cooked dog food that’s delivered to your door if you live in Toronto! And it is coming soon across Canada!

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Cola’s Kitchen custom made freshly cooked dog food!

One day while doing my regular check-in on Instagram, I noticed that somebody had liked most of my posts from the prior two weeks within a period of only a few minutes. And even though my posts might be engaging (LOL!), this was unusual for one Instagram account to like so many posts at once. So I concluded that this response was a bot, or someone was really trying to get my attention!

I immediately messaged this account on Instagram and discovered that it was a premium, highly ethical freshly cooked dog food company! And their brand name is Cola’s Kitchen, named after their Dachshund, Cola.

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