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Emergency Vet Club. Peace of mind!

Any  dog could need emergency vet help.Emergency Vet Club members can get up to $3000 to pay for emergency vet visit.

By now you have read my previous blog on how you can conveniently access an excellent online veterinarian service. Since then, I discovered another and truly unique online option to help you to easily and affordably manage your dogs’ health! This one offers you a club membership! And this emergency vet club is available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and coming soon to Australia and New Zealand.

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This emergency vet club costs only $19/month!

To join this club, you pay only $19.00 month (for a 1 year commitment) in the currency of your country ($19 CDN, $19 U.S., £19 U.K., )! And you get peace of mind because you will be entitled to all of the following! 

Unlimited phone access to licensed veterinarians with no appointment required!

As a pet parent, you likely have moments when you want to ask a veterinarian basic medical questions such as what to do if you accidentally trim your dog’s nails too short? Or maybe you want to ask about how many calories you should feed your dog to maintain his ideal weight? I am sure you can think of many questions to ask!

And if your pet is ill or injured, you definitely want prompt expert advice about whether you need to bring him to an emergency vet clinic immediately!

A single visit to your veterinarian for basic or for emergency advice can cost over $70 in some places! Plus with the recent explosion of new pet owners, many clinics are booked up. So a consultation with your local veterinarian may not be possible when you need it. And you can easily guess how costly an assessment at the emergency animal hospital would be!

So why stress over your concerns or wonder if your pet needs to see a vet now? Call the vets at the Emergency Vet Club and they will help you determine the best course of action. Basic care questions or emergency questions are all included in your monthly membership fee. Not only you, but your pets will be happy. They also want to visit the vet only when necessary!

With this vet club membership, for only $19 per month, you can get immediate unlimited 24/7 calls or texts to a registered vet with no appointment! Plus you can get up to $3000 (per year) to help you pay for an emergency vet visit if needed. You just never know when your dog could become sick or hurt, and receiving this financial assistance at such a trying time would be such a relief! It is difficult enough to handle the emotional side when something happens to your beloved animal, let alone meeting the extra costs.

So what does your Emergency Vet Club membership include?

  • One Club membership can be applied to any 6 pets you own.
  • Unlimited calls or texts – 24/7 access to registered vets through smartphones by “face-to-face calling or texting with images”. You can call or text about any basic pet health question – not only for emergencies.
  • Service is available in 103 different languages
  • Obtain up to $3,000 (in your country’s currency) of emergency medical funds for one emergency vet visit for one of your pets per year. And you choose the clinic that you want to take your pet to at the time of the emergency.
  • No pre-qualifying criteria required. There are no restrictions on the age or breed of your pet .

Join the club!

So you can now see how you can get peace of mind in managing your pet’s medical care by joining this emergency vet club.

Use promo code “Happydogclub” to save 5% when you join Emergency Vet Protect Club

Your dog happiness coach, Judy

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Because of my mandate to provide only top notch, well researched, timely and helpful advice in all areas of dog care, I will only allow products and services on my blog which match my mandate. Please note, I will be paid a small commission for memberships purchased through this blog about Emergency Vet Club. This will assist me to continue writing interesting and helpful blogs that will enrich your dog’s life. And I thank you for your support!

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An indoor dog agility game- fun for your entire family!

Fun indoor dog agility game.

A great way for your children to have fun with your dog!

Given that we are not travelling because of COVID-19, I wanted to find a game to play with Roxy at home. So I was thrilled when I found this indoor dog agility game! And it’s also a great activity for you and your children to do with your dog! So let me tell you all about it!

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You can get online veterinarian services 24/7!

Dogs can stay healthy with online veterinarian services.

As a dog parent, you hope your dog will never need medical care, beyond the basics. Your life is already busy enough just powering through your work days, and then dedicating precious time for your family and dogs! So I am about to share a new online vet service that allows you the flexibility to access convenient, exceptional online veterinarian services should you need them!

Please see my affiliate program disclosure at the end of this blog.

Why use online veterinarian services?

And you might be wondering: why go online for veterinarian services? Especially if you are aware of a number of clinics right in your own neighbourhood! One reason is the typical delay in getting an appointment quickly, especially if the need is not urgent. And another reason is the isolation and loneliness of people during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. This has sparked a sudden explosion of new pet parents and a corresponding scarcity of veterinarian services. In fact, many clinics are so booked up that they are not accepting new clients at all!

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A dog grooming table to use at home!

This is the small size  PawHut dog grooming table that I used to groom my mini-poodle.

Grooming your dog at home during COVID-19 second wave!

As you may recall, last spring I wrote a two-part series on grooming your dog during COVID-19 because dog groomers were closed. And again due to the pandemic, dog groomers are shuttered in many regions.

Given that I must get used to grooming Roxy myself for a while yet, I wanted to make the process easier for both of us. So I decided I should get a dog grooming table that is designed for home use. And honestly, I never thought that I would want a dog grooming table! Mostly because I thought it would be too expensive and take up too much space to store it. But then I found myself needing one under these unusual circumstances.

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Dog Rescue Agencies: How to find the good ones!

In this post, you will learn how the dog rescue industry operates, how to recognize fraudulent pet rescue organizations, and how to locate good quality agencies to find the right dog for you!

This cute dog was rescued when he was 6 years old in 2014! He's he's now 12 years old and is happy and healthy in his forever home 6 years later!

So you have decided to rescue a dog from a shelter? That’s pretty exciting to know that you will be adopting a dog in need of a forever home!

In the initial blog of this series, I discussed how to recognize puppy mills and backyard breeders. And I provided some tips on how to search for a reputable breeder if you were planning on buying a puppy. So now in the second post of this three-part series, I will provide you with some guidelines on how to avoid unethical and mismanaged dog rescue agencies. Plus I will provide you tips on how to find a high-quality dog rescue organization.

And it’s important to understand that when planning to rescue a dog, you need to be patient and dedicate some time to find the right dog from a good quality agency. Be prepared for some disappointment along the way. But if you keep at it, you will increase the odds of finding the right dog for you!

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A Pet Calming Bed For Your Cat too!

Cat in a high quality pet calming bed

Judy’s Cat loves this pet calming bed as much as Roxy!

As you know, I recently posted my review of this Dog Calming Bed that I received as a gift from DogPetSmart.com. And I told you how this bed is so luxurious and high quality. Plus you saw how much Roxy loves it and how it calmed her down immediately after playing rough with the bed. But I didn’t mention that this pet calming bed is a great cat bed for the felines in your life too! Please see my affiliate disclosure at the end of this post.

Since this cosy bed arrived, I have kept it on the floor in my living room for Roxy and any of my visiting clients’ dogs to use whenever they want to. And right from that first day, my cat basically decided it was her bed too!

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Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders: Avoid them.

Puppies could be from puppy mills and backyard breeders

You decided to get a puppy

So you have decided that you want to bring a dog into your life! Maybe you currently have a dog and are planning to add a puppy into your home. That can be a wonderful thing! But it’s a complicated world these days! Continue reading this blog to help you recognize and avoid puppy mills, backyard breeders and illegal individual criminals selling puppies.

The demand for companion dogs in North America has exploded in the last 10 years. And even more so during these isolating times of Coronavirus. This heightened desire for companion dogs has consequently driven up the volume of puppy mills, backyard breeders and criminal dog trade activity.

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A Dog Calming Bed that’s high quality!

Mini-Poodle relaxing in the Dog Calming Bed by DogPetSmart.

Roxy loves her new dog bed!

DogPetSmart reached out to ask me to test and review their dog calming bed. So they sent me a free sample to test of this dog bed. And Roxy and I are so glad we got to see it and touch it in person!

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A dog grooming brush-blow dryer

Recently, I took you on my journey of grooming Roxy while dog groomers were closed down due to COVID-19. Well since then I learned about a dog grooming 2-in-1 brush-blow dryer, and I had to test it out! So I ordered it from Amazon.

The Ownpet 2-in-1 Pet brush-bllow Dryer

Ownpets 2-in-1 Pet Blow Dryer

A dog grooming 2-in-1 brush and blow dryer combined!

Beautiful summer weather invites our dogs to roll in the grass, among many other messy canine activities! So I knew that Roxy was going to need a bath before her next grooming appointment. But every time she had a bath, it was always difficult to blow dry her fur. It required holding a brush in one hand, and holding the blow dryer in the other hand. This two-handed method meant I had to periodically stop blow drying in order to brush through tangles. And only then could I resume blow drying her fur.

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A great dog walking summer shirt to keep you cool!

Hopefully, you read my recent blog on cooling vests and neck bands that keep your dog cool in the heat of summer. And today I’m going to tell you about the summer shirt that can keep you cool in the heat of summer!

Judy wearing the great summer shirt to keep cool while on a nearby road trip with Roxy and her best friend.
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