A Dog Calming Bed that’s high quality!

Mini-Poodle relaxing in the Dog Calming Bed by DogPetSmart.

Roxy loves her new dog bed!

DogPetSmart reached out to ask me to test and review their dog calming bed. So they sent me a free sample to test of this dog bed. And Roxy and I are so glad we got to see it and touch it in person!

The Dog Calming Bed arrived in this small-sized courier package within 5 days

The DogPetSmart Dog Calming Bed what it looks like out of the shipping bag.

What a luxurious dog bed!

The DogPetSmart Dog Calming Bed in cream colour size small for dogs up to 25lbs.

And when I opened it, I couldn’t believe how luxurious and soft the faux fur of this bed looked and felt! It’s made of Polypropylene cotton, and you can machine wash and dry it!

This high quality dog bed comes in a variety of sizes and colours

And the Dog Calming Bed comes in x-small, small, medium, large, and extra large, based on the dog’s weight. Although at the moment, they do not have any x-smalls in stock. I had told the sales representative that Roxy is 15lbs. So they sent me a small size dog bed that is suitable for dogs up to 25 pounds.

And because this dog bed is available in several colours, it will look good in any room with any decor!

This dog bed is very durable so it should last for many years!

The first thing Roxy did when I placed the dog calming bed on the floor was to drag it around and play with it, because the material seemed just like a plush toy to her! And so I found not only is the dog bed soft and comfy, but it’s extremely durable!

Notice in the above video that Roxy is dragging, then even biting and chewing on the bed the way she would her stuffed toys! But when I inspected the dog bed afterwards, it was in perfect condition! No material was pulled out or damaged!

This bed calmed Roxy’s energy down immediately!

Right after Roxy pulled the bed around and played with it, she laid down on it, exactly in the spot where she had dragged it. And as you can see, this is truly a dog calming bed!

As evidenced in the above videos, Roxy loves her new Dog Calming Bed! She not only loves it for relaxing and sleeping, but also as a fun tough toy too!

The calming affect might help dogs with anxiety

And although Roxy does not suffer from anxiety, you can see that this bed transformed her high excitement into a zen-like relaxation within a couple of seconds. And if this bed can change exuberance into relaxation, it might help dogs with anxiety find that same calm and rest.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, I would recommend trying this bed because of the results Roxy experienced. But keep in mind, a lot depends on the degree of anxiety that your dog suffers, and also what circumstances trigger his episodes. Nonetheless, I’m confident that this bed can offer comfort to a nervous dog.

If your animal becomes traumatized when you go out due to separation anxiety, it would also be worthwhile trying this bed. But you may need to spend some time at home initially conditioning your dog to use the dog bed any time he becomes nervous and unsettled. This will help him look to it for comfort when you leave the house. Even if he doesn’t understand at first, positive reinforcement training will gradually encourage your dog to seek relief of his anxiety by cuddling up on the soft bed.

What if your pet is subject to new-experience anxiety?

If new experiences tend to frighten your dog, he might shy away from the bed at first. And you may need to coax him over to sniff and explore this new object. But I believe that once he steps into it with some praise and treats, he will feel the calming affect of the fabric and design of this bed.

For example, try rewarding him gradually with treats in the following way: Give him a treat when he goes to the bed, then one when he steps into the bed, and then another when he lays down in it. Conditioning your pet this way can transform the bed into a trusted place for your dog to seek calmness whenever he feels anxiety, including when you leave the house.

And since the dog calming bed has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is no risk to you!

How did this bed stand up to being washed and placed in a dryer?

The next test was to wash and dry the Dog Calming Bed. So I washed it in warm water with mild detergent and then I dried it on delicate. And the bed emerged from the dryer looking and feeling brand new, just the way it was prior to being washed! It passed this test completely!

Consider ordering one size bigger for extra comfort

But the only thing I would change is I would order the next size up, size medium instead of the small for my dog, even though the small falls into her weight range. This is because Roxy mostly sleeps stretched out straight (not curled up in a circle). So a larger bed would provide her that extra degree of comfort. Even so, you can see she wants to sleep in this Dog Calming Bed anyway!

This dog bed meets my high standards!

This Dog Calming Bed definitely meets my high standards because I believe:

  1. The design and materials deliver the calming and soothing effects as promised. Dogs can feel relaxed and fall asleep. You saw how Roxy went in the bed and immediately relaxed just after playing rough with it! At that moment, you could see that the bed is very inviting to dogs given that Roxy elected to lay down in midst of being excited, rather than go play in some other capacity in that excitement.
  2. And this bed is very durable and can maintain its fabric integrity through rough play, even if the dog bites the material.
  3. Plus this dog bed completely maintained its structure after being machined washed and dried!
  4. This Dog Calming Bed comes in many sizes and colours making it a great fit for any dog and any decor!

Your dog will want this great dog bed too!

Roxy and I are glad we found this wonderful bed, and hope that you and your dog will have an opportunity to benefit from it too! Because of its high quality and effectiveness, I am happy to offer the Dog Calming Bed for purchase right here on my blog!

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Because of my mandate to provide only top notch, well researched, timely and helpful advice in all areas of dog care, I will only allow products on my blog which match my mandate. Please note, I will be paid a small commission on any product you purchase through this specific blog post about the Dog Calming Bed. This will assist me to continue writing interesting and helpful blogs that will enrich your dog’s life. And I thank you for your support!

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Yours in better dog care, Judy

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